Guest Speaker Information

Warmest greetings,

We are excited to have you come and speak at Main Street Baptist Church. This email is for the purpose of displaying any material for our congregation and livestream audience. If none will be used, kindly confirm that with us. Additionally, we have 2 options sound. If you are a stationary speaker, we have a microphone on our pulpit, however, if you like to “wander”, we have a headset mic for consistent sound quality.

Providing your sermon outline ahead of time allows us time to prepare your presentation, and we can ensure a smooth and distraction-free deliverance of Gods Word. 

We kindly ask that you please send the below information to no later than the Wednesday preceding your visit so we can have time to get everything ready for you on our end. 

It would be helpful to have a sermon outline indicating at which time throughout your message you would like each slide/verse/graphic displayed. Preferred formats would be Word, Pages or PDF.  Highlight key points/phrases for when a graphic, video or verse is to be displayed. Another option would be to have you control your provided presentation via a linked tablet. This would be your choice and can be made the morning of.

Any videos or audio that you would like displayed/played should also be included. Any file deemed too large by a mail host can be sent via to
We’re looking forward to having you bless our church family with your speaking.  

In Christ,
Main Street Baptist Production